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Wedge Wire Pool Drainage Grate


What is This?
*Outlet diameter must be less than the width selected

What is This?


$248.00 GST inc

Wedge Wire Stainless Steel Pool Drainage Grate

Classic styling
Pools often need extra large drains. We recommend a 90mm wide 50mm deep pool drain.  If you require a different width or depth see the HERE
Makes an excellent barrier drain to stop running water on balconies, swimming pools and bar tops.

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Innovative Pool Drainage Grates Are Available Online

Although pool drainage grates serve the very practical purpose of keeping excess water within the pool area and creating a safe area around the pool, they can also be creative.

Common Mistakes when Choosing Pool Drainage Grates

When pool drainage is not your area of expertise, it is easy to make an honest mistake. Unfortunately, mistakes can cost money, so to avoid being in the unfortunate position of having to pay for your mistakes, keep the following tips in mind when deciding on pool grating in Sydney.

  • Size: Efficacy is determined by size in a pool grate. We offer two standard sizes, one 120mm wide and the other 90mm wide. If these sizes are not the most efficient sizes for your pool, we can manufacture customised pool grates for you.
  • Guessing: One unknown factor in customised products is the cost. To take the guessing out of the equation, use our calculator by populating your required sizes in the various fields and clicking on the calculate the price button. This calculator enables you to budget for the grate accurately.
  • Design options: If the grate is in an area where patio furniture is, select the best size to prevent chair legs from getting caught in the grate. Does the design blend in with the overall design around your pool area? We can manufacture customised grates and grate covers which you can easily remove for cleaning.

Our proficient team will answer any questions you may have regarding the best pool drainage grate for your individual setup.

Tips Regarding Swimming Pool Grating

Typically, there are two areas around a pool requiring pool drainage grates. One area requires grates to cater for water overflow from the pool, while the other would drain wet areas where there are high levels of foot traffic. Consider the following in your decision-making process:

  • Strength: Remember that the main consideration for a pool grate is safety. Some materials are more suitable than others, and you should take the weight the grid needs to carry into account. Will adults walk across the grid, and if so, what is the certified strength and slip resistance? Bear in mind that many plastic products (PVC, ABD and Polypropylene), even PVC, when manufactured from virgin materials with added UV stability, only have a life span of 10 to 15 years. Constant UV-ray exposure can shorten this period and cause the product to become brittle and unsafe. Our products are manufactured using marine grade stainless steel, which ensures longevity and sturdiness.
  • Gap openings: This may seem insignificant, yet it is so important. The openings in a grate should be small enough to prevent toddler's fingers or toes being caught in them. If not, it increases the chances of them getting stuck.
  • Maintenance: Ask about the required maintenance for the grate you are considering, as maintenance contributes towards an effective and safe grate. Marine grade stainless steel requires minimum maintenance and is corrosion resistant.

Why Choose Us?

We design and manufacture all products in house at our Gold Coast facility and ship nationwide from there, made in Australia by Australians for Australians, at budget-friendly prices.

Enjoy splashing around the pool without fear of injury to yourself or others, speak to us today to ensure you purchase the best pool grate for your pool.