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Customer Testimonials


Hi Sally

As I said on the phone, thank you for your prompt efforts in getting my orders up and running. It's such a nice change to have someone actually ring you back and help with the order. The deliveries are quick and everything is correct.

I shall send you photo's of the drains in the finished positions, both sets external and internal. The quality is excellent. So thank you very much and I am sure we will be dealing with each other in the future.


Stewart (Builder)

Leichhardt NSW


I want to record my real surprise and pleasure at the standard of your service.

I ordered a custom made stainless grate of a specific size and quality, and within 3 working days it was delivered here in Sydney. Not only delivered as promised, but the grate was EXACTLY what we ordered.

Such service is unusual in today's market, especially when ordering over the web, when what can go wrong usually does. But in this case, it was a perfect product and perfect service.

Thank you


Birchgrove NSW


My husband said you would be interested in some photos of your product that we have installed in our new bathroom. We love the affect, as they are barely noticeable and have had a lot of interest from friends and family.
Thank you.

Penny & Graham
Broome WA

Hi Peter

The shower grate arrived today. I am totally amazed at the quality of this product and the compactness which is achieved by your manufacturing methods.

It totally beats any of the shelf items that are sold by the various tile shops that I have been dealing with, when my latest bathroom reno had a serious hiccup.

Once again, thanks for a great product.

Broken Hill NSW

Att: Sally

Just letting you know the grate turned up today and is perfect. Thank you again, for your great Service.
Charters Towers Qld

Thank you for the prompt and efficient service. Our goods arrived safely yesterday.
Kind regards
Toowoomba Qld

I ordered one shower grate before (it was fantastic).
Thank you so very much.
Kind regards
Dural NSW


As promised I have attached some photos of our shower grates installed.
They look great.
Once again, thanks for your great service and a great product.


Darrin & Jess
Banora Point NSW








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Grates Sydney

From Showers to Driveways, Pick myshowergrateshop for Grates in Sydney

Are you looking for high-quality grates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia? Whether you want a new channel drain for your driveway or an aesthetically pleasing drainage grate for your shower, myshowergrateshop can help you find what you need.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Shower Grates in Sydney

If you are shopping for shower grates in Melbourne or Sydney, avoid these common mistakes.

  • Not looking for a custom solution: Especially if you are replacing an existing shower grate or drain, you probably know exactly what you need in terms of grate size and dimensions. Instead of settling for something that is a close (but not exact) fit, work with us to customise a perfect-fit grate for your shower.
  • Only shopping with resellers: When you only shop in-store or through resellers, you not only give away the option for customisation but also pay the cost of buying from a broker. When you shop with us, you aren't paying for any brokers or expensive marketing campaigns; you are only paying for the product.
  • Not checking for warranty coverage: Warranties are important on any product, including shower grates. When you buy grates in Brisbane or Adelaide from myshowergrateshop, you get high-quality, stainless steel products that have been put through top-tier quality controls. We back each product with a lifetime guarantee because we believe so thoroughly in the quality of our work.

When you buy a custom-made product directly from the manufacturer, you get the peace of mind of knowing that it was made just for you. Our online store delivers that powerful benefit.

Tips Regarding Grates in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, or Melbourne

Before you buy new shower grates in Adelaide or Brisbane, keep these tips in mind, and you'll get even more value out of your purchase.

  • Explore our stylistic options: What do you have in mind for the style of your shower grates? If you aren't sure, then browsing our online selection of grate styles it the perfect way to start your search. From classic styles to modern to almost-invisible drain options, we have something to suit your taste.
  • Contact us for specific requests: When you customise your grate on our website, you will be able to specify length, width, outlet diameter, and outlet position. You will also be able to share specific requests via a comments section on your order form. If you have any questions about your design or have more detailed requests that you need to get across, you can always contact us to discuss the design in depth.
  • Grout your shower grate: Once you get your shower grate, grout it. While grouting is not an installation requirement for your grates, we can say from experience that it is the cleanest, most effective, and most economical option for grate installation and stabilisation.

Why Customers Should Use myshowergrateshop

If you need new grates in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Brisbane, choose us. Our grates are attractive, well-made, and perfectly tailored to suit your needs.Contact us today to get started on your design.